I’ve been writing professionally since 1993, with experience in both the UK and
US markets. I have researched and written websites, annual reports and
advertising copy, public health literature and press releases, executive speeches
and concepts for employee events.

Over the past year, I've been working as a fundraising/communications writer with the Shingirirai Trust. Based in Zimbabwe, the Trust empowers local women, many of them HIV-positive, to transform their personal lives and their communities, by training them as professional carers, teachers and administrators. I can be writing haiku poetry e-cards one day, and a grant application the next! Please see the Shingirirai Trust website for more details and examples of my work: http://www.shingirirai.org/wpblog

I am also working on branding and marketing new products and services, most recently in the sustainable energy sector.

In the past I’ve written dozens of articles on property, people and places in Spain. I've also researched and written guidebook content for the Lonely Planet range of travel guides. And since 2006 I have published a regular blog, Andalucid, chronicling everyday life in a small Andalucian town.

As a professional writer, I will of course deliver to your brief and deadline. But my
greatest strength is in writing for and from a human perspective, with warmth, wit
and empathy. So whether it’s about Women telling their stories in Zimbabwe, alternative health and beauty, people and places in Andalucia or food and wine, I will bring them vividly to life for your readers.

Other passions/writing wishlist: Women’s rights and social issues, early and
choral music, books, films, dogs, homes and gardens (stately or otherwise),
Andalucia, the English countryside, food, wine, chocolate.

For more information, please email me: arpi@arpishively.co.uk

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